Drafting technical standard for noise barrier structure

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Huashuaite company honor to participate in drafting technical standard for noise barrier structure which covers acrylic and polycarbonate sheet material. As HUASHUAITE® Acrylic Sheet has higher structure strength than glass, longer environment durability (lifetime) than PC, transmittance up to 93% is higher than other material, which brings much better landscape. With the excellent character, acrylic sheet is the best choice for noise barrier on road, subway, overhead road, high speed railway, stadium, bridge etc. 

Huashuaite company developed Noise Stop Barriers acrylic sheet for sound barrier more than 10 years, we are the pioneer and the biggest manufacture in this area in China. Benefit from huge experience from our manufacturing, project operation, our reinforced acrylic sheet takes advantage on character, quality and price. HUASHUAITE® Noise stop barrier brand takes more than 60% market share in China.