HUASHUAITE®Polycarbonate Hollow Sheet is a family of flat, multiwall polycarbonate sheet products that features a cellular structure with at least two walls and connective ribbing. This twin wall or multiwall structure creates insulating air spaces (cells) that help reduce thermal (heat)energy penetration, resulting in a cooler area in the summer and a warmer area in the colder months. In short, HUASHUAITE®Polycarbonate Hollow Sheet’s structure yields an energy efficient, rigid, impact-resistant sheet that is significantly lighter in weight than solid polycarbonate, acrylic or glass sheets. HUASHUAITE®Polycarbonate Hollow Sheet offers substantially better energy efficiency than any single-layer sheet.  HUASHUAITE®Polycarbonate Hollow Sheet are manufactured with a variety of options; from built-in condensation control polycarbonate greenhouse panels to advanced Solarcontrol tints that reduce solar heat gain while providing greater light transmission and clarity.


• High thermal insulation
• Lighter weight than solid panels
• Excellent rigidity and impact resistance
• Available with a variety of color and light transmission options
• SolarSmart™ tints that reduce solar heat gain with greater clarity than standard tints or colors
• Superior structural durability
• Weather and UV resistant
• Blocks virtually all UV radiation
• Easy to handle and install
• High fire performance rating

(Opail Light)
Rigid-structured multiwall polycarbonate sheets for superior thermal insulation and light transmission.

Available Thickness : From 4mm up to 10mm (Thicker can be custom)
Available Size : Width from 1220mm to 2100mm (Length can be custom)
Available Masking Type : Film masking
Application Areas
HUASHUAITE® Polycarbonate Hollow Sheet has also been used in these industries
Architectural building cladding, roofing and glazing
Skylights and sidelights
Conservatory roofing
Covered walkways
Sunrooms, patio and pergola roofing
Illuminated signage and backdrops
Decorative partitions
POP merchandising displays
Polycarbonate greenhouse panels

Sign & Display

Constrution & Architecture


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