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    Innovation and RnD

    As we continue to innovate, the everyday applications of our acrylic sheets have become more and more versatile, leading to benefits for an increasing number of industries and people. This has been a key feature of the drive within our specialist research and development (R&D) laboratory, were we are continuing striving to create various grades of cell cast acrylic sheets through careful calibration and precision testing.Our state-of-the-art, in-house laboratories are operated by experienced technicians and researchers, and are dedicated to keeping product pipeline robust and the quality high

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    Supply assurance

    Supplying customers in more than 200 destinations in more than 50 countries is not an easy task. We realize that building a strong supply chain is a key factor in supporting our business.Starting from raw material sourcing, we realize the importance of MMA multiple sourcing to secure continuous supplies to our factory.Understanding that we are handling high-risk materials, we have divided our production activity in two manufacturing sites.It is an important step to take in managing the risk of supply security.To complete the system, our factories are equipped with multiple loading docks and connected directly to major transportation networks for immediate shipping. 

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    Partnership means working together to achieve common goals while respecting that the diversity of our markets and our clients respectively, requires a personal approach.We maintain an open dialogue with our market and believe communication is key to success in an ever changing marketplace establishing a rapid response time to our customers needs.One of our greatest rewards is watching our distributor & suppliers grow successfully together with HUASHUAITE®

For the global customer service

We have gained a global sales network reaching the USA, UK, Australia, United Arab Emirates, Thailand, India, Korea, Japan and so on. We are looking forward to business relationships with new clients around the world in the near future.

360 Degree Support Plan

HUASHUAITE has set up a complete customer support program. Starting from customer consultation, we will discuss the product, system design, raw material supervision, production quality control, transportation and installation. We have a 360-degree team of experts. Control, this is our practice of the “customer-centric” concept.

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