HUASHUAITE®HSTSHIELD BULLET RESISTANT AND CONTAINMENT GLAZING(for more series, welcome to contact us)The HSTSHIELD ballistic polycarbonate product line is available with different levels of ballistics and forced-entry protection to meet a variety of application needs. Due to their layered, laminated structure, HSTSHIELD sheets can withstand both physical attacks and multi-shot ballistic assaults by absorbing impact energy without shattering or spalling.  HSTSHIELD also features an abrasion-resistant coating, which ensures long-term clarity for applications in accessible public areas. Note that the information listed on the HSTSHIELD sales sheet represents the HUASHUAITE products that meet or exceed the various testing standards at the time of its printing. Please contact HUASHUAITE for information about other test approvals that you may need.


• No spall design
• Abrasion resistant surface
• Complies with various ballistic and forced entry standards
• Low weight - nearly half the weight of glass-equivalents
• Clear - good optical quality
• Colors: clear, bronze, grey

Ballistic polycarbonate product line for a variety of applications

Available Thickness : From 19mm
Available Size : Length can be custom
Available Masking Type : Film masking
Application Areas
HUASHUAITE® Special polycarbonate has also been used in these industries
• Security glazing in banks and government facilities
• Public institutions
• Gas stations and convenience stores
• Drive-up windows
• Ticket booths and kiosks
• Law enforcement, prisons and detention centers
• Industrial ballistic polycarbonate sheets

Constrution & Architecture


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