HUASHUAITE® XT Extruded Acrylic sheets are made from 100% virgin PMMA resin ensuring that the highest quality product is achieved. 100% virgin raw material is the key of the excellent light transmission (92%) and low haze values of our transparent sheets.

Assembly lines of high quality displays, lighting fixtures i.e. work with tight tolerances. Metal profiles and jigsaw designs necessite uniform sheet thickness. This is when you need HUASHUAITE XT Extruded acrylic sheets. Our production process provide uniform thickness (t) throughout the sheet.


HUASHUAITE® XT Extruded Acrylic are better tolerance on thickness, easier to bend & shape and can be flame polished. Common uses for sign holders, skylights, and glazing applications. 

• Lightweight and rigid
• Low water absorption
• Easy to machine
• Excellent optical properties
• More impact resistant than glass
• Good electrical 

High Gloss sheets in clear are highly transparent and colourless, allowing the most light through of any of our products at 92% light transmission. This quality in addition to other acrylic sheet properties such as weather resistance and break resistance makes them an extremely popular choice for applications that requires see-through material like aquarium windows, sound barriers, displays and bank security teller screens.
Available Thickness : From 1.5mm up to 10mm
Available Size : Max width 2.05m, length can be customized
Available Masking Type : Film masking
Application Areas
HUASHUAITE® XT Extruded Acrylic has also been used in these industries
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