HUASHUAITE® Noise & Wind Stop Barrier are made from 100% imported virgin raw material ensuring that the highest quality product is achieved. 100% virgin raw material is the key of the excellent light transmission (92%) and low haze values of our transparent sheets. Which displays its strengths not only in terms of aesthetics, but also when it comes to acoustics. HUASHUAITE® Noise & Wind Stop Barrier is a special product that protects against noise and is also used on bridges as effective protection against wind.

Solid HUASHUAITE® Noise & Wind Stop Barrier sheets feature outstanding airborne sound insulation properties while also offering the highest degree of transparency. This transparency remains intact for a very long period of time. 

HUASHUAITE® Noise & Wind Stop Barrier is used for noise and wind protection screens along traffic routes, enclosures and bridges. In order to satisfy a wide range of requirements, the innovative sheets are available in various visually appealing varieties and with special properties, such as:


1. offer a diverse range of design options,
2. are extremely resistant to weather and aging,
3. are stronger and lighter than glass in comparable geometries, and
4. are easy and versatile to form and process.


HUASHUAITE® Safeguard System not only reliably protects against birds but also human security, while also providing maximum transparency. Which provides integrated shatter protection thanks to the embedded polyamide threads. These threads are perceived as a visible obstacle by birds and bind together the fragments and prevent them falling in the event that a sheet is broken. HUASHUAITE® Safeguard System is approved around the world for use as a transparent material for noise protection walls on bridges without additional nets. 

High Gloss sheets in clear are highly transparent and colourless, allowing the most light through of any of our products at 92% light transmission. This quality in addition to other acrylic sheet properties such as weather resistance and break resistance makes them an extremely popular choice for applications that requires see-through material like aquarium windows, sound barriers, displays and bank security teller screens.
Available Thickness : 2mm up to 30mm
Available Size : Max width 2.05m, length can be customized
Available Masking Type : Film masking
Application Areas
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