Aquarium, Architectural & Swimming Pool Viewing Panel

HUASHUAITE® Xblock cast acrylic block panel is a specially developed extremely large monolithic acrylic sheet, which is highly weather resistant (30-year Clear limited manufacturer’s warranty), exceptional transparency & optical properties, excellent mechanical properties & rigidity, simple to fabricate (cut, curve & polish). HUASHUAITE® Xblock is the ideal material solution for aquarium, swimming pool & architectural applications:

Specialty Properties & Capabilities

  • Flat panels (available with saw cut & polished edges).
  • Curved panels (Thermoforming & bending).
  • Bonding (in house or on-site bonding) & Annealing.
  • Very high mechanical bonds & lamination, excellent cosmetic appearance.
  • 30 Year manufacturer’s limited UV warranty against yellowing &discoloration.
  • Larger length capabilities: up to 9000mm length finished size, no joins.
  • Capabilities of up to 800mm & beyond.
  • Superior light transmission & optical clarity.
  • Strict permissible level of inclusions/defects, highest optical level.
  • Approx. 11 times the break resistance as opposed to glass.
  • Easy to shape/thermoform into cosmetically pleasing curves.
  • Concept, technical design are all within our inhouse engineering capabilities.
  • Engineering services designed for best long term performance & appearance.
  • Both In-house & on-site bonding capabilities.
  • Excellent permanent service properties.
  • Light weight (approx. half the weight of glass) & 100% recyclable product.
  • Light surface marks can be easily polished out.
  • Less than 1% content residual monomer, resulting from our raw material curing                  process . High levels of residual monomer creates discolouration in the UV.
The combination of functional & visual attraction makes HUASHUAITE® Xblock panels an excellent choice for aquatic viewing window applications. The transparency of the panels opens the landscape of the aquarium, whilst offering a view into the underwater environment & enabling protection to the public. HUASHUAITE® Xblock can be easily transported, having approx. 11 times the break resistance of glass & considerably lower weight. Light surface marks can be polished & marks removed.

 Available Size:

  • 9000mm x 3000mm 5300mm x 2800mm
  • 8500mm x 3000mm 5020mm x 2200mm
  • 7800mm x 3000mm 4900mm x 2500mm
  • 7300mm x 3000mm 4900mm x 2500mm
  • 6800mm x 3000mm 4800mm x 2900mm
  • 6300mm x 2800mm 3970mm x 1970mm
  • 3000mm x 2000mm 2440mm x 1220mm
Available Thickness:30mm – 800mm (custom think also available). 
Available Masking Type:Pressure Sensitive PE film.
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