Congratulations!!!! HUASHUAITE plexiglass protective cover has passed the review of Chinese Academy of Sciences

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"Striving for excellence" gives a high score

Yesterday afternoon, Zhejiang Huashuaite new material technology Co., Ltd. developed  Plexiglass protective cover through the Chinese Academy of Sciences institute of High Energy physics review, is about to start mass production.

At the review meeting, HUASHUAITE made a detailed report to institute of High Energy Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences from aspects of pilot production of plexiglass protective cover, production workshop, equipment and storage, production process and quality control. Institute of High Energy physics to HUASHUAITE research and development work, and officially approved the plexiglass protective cover batch production application. Mass production of the plexiglass enclosure is scheduled to begin at the end of June.

The perspex shield is an important part of the Jiangmen neutrino experiment, led by the Institute of High Energy Physics. It is installed outside the PMT, the core of the neutrino measurement, to prevent shock waves and minimize damage. In June 2018, HUASHUAITE successfully bid for the Jiangmen Neutrino Experiment PMT shield project.

In the past two years, HUASHUAITE has continuously improved the production process and kept improving the product quality. The neutrino experiment has a very high requirement for the transmittance of the plexiglass protective shield. The transmittance of the first version specimen developed by HUASHUAITE is less than 3% of the standard. In order to make up for the 3% gap, HUASHUAITE has established dust-free workshops and replaced and cleaned all the equipment and pipes that are in direct contact with raw materials. The finest grinding paste (W0.5) can be found on the market is used for polishing, and the flat plate mould polished with this specification grinding paste is measured to achieve the finish of RA0.006um; Replace dryer of higher quality, adjust drying temperature, time and injection molding process parameters constantly.

Finally, the average transmittance of the 15 protective cover samples was 91.2%, which met the requirements of the institute of High Energy Physics. In addition to light transmittance, HUASHUAITE has also made great efforts in mechanical properties, specifications and dimensions, quality supervision and so on.
HUASHUAITE has also worked closely with the Institute of High Energy Physics on the development of plexiglass encloses. Weekly video teleconferences between Walter and the Institute discuss technical and technological challenges. Each time the plexiglass protective cover is trial-produced, the institute will send special personnel to Haiyan to participate in the trial process.
Through school-enterprise cooperation and product-research collaboration, HUASHUAITE further enriched the technical connotation of enterprise products, improved its own r&d and innovation ability, and provided surging power for the future high-quality development of HUASHUAITE.

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